These are the top five programming languages for you to learn in 2022 to get a job without even needing a college degree. These languages based on three main factors, number one how easy it is to learn so that you can go ahead and build those projects that you want to build. Number two is going to be based on the job market, where is the demand and how much are they paying, what is the overall salary. Number three is productivity, how productive can you be with that language, how fast can you build application.


It is the first languages that came out; this is a language that all the other languages stem from. If you know c ++, you will pretty much be able to learn all the other languages. Some of the top companies Uber, Google, Amazon, Facebook, they all use c++.  Gaming companies like EA, Nintendo, and Sony blizzard are all using c++ for their gaming engine to build games.  So if you want to build games like star wars, we’re talking assassin’s creed anything else related to games you need to know c++. Machine learning tesla’s auto pilot system is actually built on c ++.  According to, the average c ++ developer still makes a hundred and four thousand dollars. This is still going to be a very pinnacle of software development.

2.C sharp

It is a very useful programming language that is easy to learn.  It was built to compete with java and right now it is having a crazy comeback , windows applications like Microsoft office, Microsoft  excel, Photoshop  and internet explorer is actually using c-sharp. So if you are interested in building games with c-sharp, it is actually use for building virtual reality game.  According to c-developers right now make over 98000$ on average.  But in really I think it’s going to be increase throughout the time with the whole virtual reality aspect.


Java is a very popular language to learn. So when you’re talking about building android applications, it’s used for enterprise software. Enterprise applications use java for developing large-scale software .That means if you want to work at companies like Google, Microsoft and Uber, they all use java for their large applications. According to java developers on average make a hundred and nineteen thousand dollars. There are over 33000 jobs, so the demand is there the necessity is there.  It is one of the most demanded programming languages.

If we do take a look at Google trends we can see that this programming language is declining just a little bit because all languages like Kotlin, which are trying to replace it, but it’s going to take a long time for these languages to replace something as big as java. That is used by so many diverse applications I personally learned it when I was a beginner as well and so you should learn it too.


Python is a simple programming language. It is one of the easiest ones to learn. This language is use by some of the biggest companies in the world like Google, Facebook to build back-end application.  For example when you click like on an Instagram post and data is saved later on that is happening through python with the help of a framework like Django. Instagram actually uses python for the whole backend application. It is used for machine learning like Siri the voice assistant. It is also used in face detection system.  According to on average python developers actually make 117000$.

If you’re someone who is interest in building machine learning applications and building back-end applications, it’s easiest ones to learn. It’s one of the most demanding ones with over 68000 jobs. Python is on the actual upscale because of the amazing community for python because of the amazing libraries like psychic learn like Django that allows people to build humongous applications. If we’re talking about machine learning, AI, voice assistants like Siri, data science or accommodation engines like on amazon all of these are using python.


JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages for front end applications like Instagram and Facebook.  It was first known as Live Script.  Anything you see on the website, it’s build with JavaScript because of its popularity. We have many important frameworks in JavaScript like react.js and reactive native. Tesla is also using JavaScript. According to, on average JavaScript developers make 117 thousand dollars. Basically it increases the interactions of users with webpages.  We make our webpages most attractive and user friendly with the help of JavaScript. It is only scripting language and easy to understand.