A crucial part of our company is the human factor. The unwritten IT law is that the product’s quality is only as good as the team that created it. Sharptechnica’s capital asset is a group of like-minded specialists who work together.

We have a core of seasoned experts on our staff, as well as a large number of contractors. The organisation may engage 20-30 contractors on a regular basis, however they are mostly specialists in particular subject areas and technology, as well as teachers.


Our employees are on average 27 years old and have 6 years of IT experience. They are youthful, cognitively agile, and well-versed in cutting-edge technology. Many of them began working with us while still in high school or shortly after graduation.

Almost all of our employees are qualified experts or masters in subjects such as information technology, applied mathematics, mathematical physics, and other IT-related fields. Some of our colleagues continue to teach or undertake scientific research at universities. It allows us to keep our staff’s academic qualifications while not detracting from the core project work.

Each member of our team is not simply a programmer, but a highly educated expert with extensive knowledge and experience in all phases of the software development life cycle process, thanks to the great priority we place on education. A universal expert is a typical Sharptechnica engineer. The majority of staff have expertise in a variety of fields (project management, development using a few programming languages). It’s a corporate policy aimed at reducing project risks related to resource availability.


Rather than employing senior experienced specialists off the street, our HR approach is to develop our own forces from young and brilliant individuals. This technique helps us develop strong professional project teams where everyone shares the Company’s values, in addition to reducing staff turnover.

Sharptechnica has close links with the city’s colleges in order to recruit and train new personnel as well as give additional training to current employees. Instructions on various elements of software development are offered on a regular basis in the form of courses and seminars. Our subject matter experts are allocated to each department to assist the technical teams in the continual teaching and learning process. They distribute training materials, manage the skills upgrading process, develop certification examinations, and analyse potential applicants, all while staying on the cutting edge of technology. Our teams’ excellent competency levels are ensured by these actions.


The Development Team is separated into functional sections based on the expertise and talents of the personnel. Role assignments are created in accordance with the project’s chosen procedure. A project team for medium and large projects consists of the following groups:

Project teams are built based on components and responsibilities, with specialists from multiple function teams and a team leader assigned to each project area. If the scope of the component to be produced is minimal, one team member can play many roles. This principle of forming project teams with the appropriate experts allows for the quickest development with the fewest bugs.

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